Teodora Chaneva

“I’ve recently completed the 90 day challenge program by Lora Zayn and have to say that it really made a difference for me. I’ve always struggled with finding motivation to exercise and always had excuses why I couldn’t work out (lack of time, gym was too far, lack of energy etc.). Lora’s program made a difference, because it instilled a new habit and it made it clear to me that working out on a regular basis is doable and excuses aren’t justified.

I’m a young professional who spends 40 hours a week at the office and commutes 2 hours every day. On top of that, I have a very busy social life and I used to think it’s impossible to fit exercising into my daily routine. The program Lora created for me is tailored to my lifestyle and my goals and this is the success factor for me. I now work out 3 times a week from home and have developed a stronger, more tonned body. Having this new habit into my life and feeling the physical need to exercise is the most important and incredible achievement for me.”

Program: Body Transformer Warrior 1-on-1 90 Days




“Lora is an amazing professional with a depth and breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines related to personal, business and physical development and improvement! As these are often inter-related is really awesome to have someone on your side who has the mastery of the subjects as Lora does.

Personally, I had Lora coach me through a period of transition from casually training to seriously competing on a national level (Bulgaria) in the Track (running) discipline of 400 meters. Her guidance, hands on approach, motivation and resources were of immense help! Thanks to her I am now on track to compete at a decent level in a competitive and tough field at the age of 30 after 8 years off the sport and with 4 months of training.

Thank you Lora! 🙂 I will be sure to update you on how things proceed and get in touch for the next season!” 
Program: Body Transformer Warrior 1-on-1 90 Days

Josien T.

“I started training with Lora because I wanted a healthier lifestyle, improve my condition and be more in charge of my own life (esp. my diabetes). The results I have achieved to date (and the use of 1/3 less insulin) are largely due to her combination of diverse workouts, challenging yet achievable goal setting and the enthusiastic commitment to her work. Because of the workout I am proud of myself and feel damn good.”


Vesselina N.

“I am the type of person who kind of likes to train, but needs motivation to do so, but finds training alone extremely boring. That is why training with Lora is so awesome. I not only have great fun, but I discovered that the way I used to exercise was harmful for my already injured back and knees. She even managed to strengthen my perpetually chicken arms, which I have been trying to strengthen for ever and was unsuccessful.

Most of all, I love that we don’t do the same exercises over and over every time, but change it up, adding new ones, keeping it interesting. I like the tailored approach she has to the individual persons’ strengths and weaknesses. I’m very happy with the results so far, went much quicker than I expected.”

Lora Y.

“I’ve known Lora for several years and if there was one word to describe her life attitude that would definitely be ‘discipline’! She is the kind of a trainer that connects with you and creates trust, and inspires you to follow her own example.

The trainings with Lora were quite intensive and result- oriented. My favourite thing about having her as my personal trainer is that she has this holistic view where the training itself is just one of many steps towards becoming healthier and stronger. ‘What do you eat?’ she would frequently ask me to make sure I have a proper diet to stay energetic and effectively grow my muscles.

The exercises we were doing were various and many but she always ensured that I did them right. During our meetings she was 100% there mercilessly pushing me to the limit. And I thank her for that!”


Craig S.

“My regular training sessions with Lora mean that I am physically and mentally fitter. I get up earlier each morning, think about my nutrition and try and optimise the time I spend with Lora. I really like how Lora is so structured and how she draws up a schedule for each session, so it is clear what we are going to cover. Improved fitness and stamina has had knock-on benefits for my cycling and also for my golf. I noticed this weekend that the additional strength and fitness that I have means that I was not tired at the end of my round of golf, after carrying my golf clubs. This means that my concentration levels remain high. So, even playing in the wind and rain was fun! Many thanks Lora!”