How Working Out Improves Your Life Together

Maybe you are thinking that working out is more like a torture for your body, but looking into what is happening to your hormones in that moment , you will see that it is similar to what happens when you are having sex.


Are you ashamed to show your sweaty cardio face to your couple? Well, because of all these hormone processes in your body and your partner’s body, he or she will actually love to see you working out. Not to mention that your face must be exactly the same as when you are under the sheets. Why? Because in both cases your heart rate raises up so you start to sweat and, with some people, there is increased blood flowing into your face and you get those red cheeks.


When you are lifting weights, you are stimulating the production of growth hormone. The growth hormone is responsible for cell growth and cell regeneration (this is why it is also the hormone to help you stay younger for longer). Increased levels of this hormone contribute also to an increase in testosterone level. Oh and, by the way, testosterone is the hormone of arousal. Doctors say that it has been proven that working out two or three times a week, while getting also good night sleep, has a positive effect on your sex drive.


A study has shown that people who exercise more often confirm to have higher sexual desire and sexual performance than those who do not exercise regularly. The improvements affect the two genders differently. It turns out that the women who exercise are more sensitive for touch and different stimuli. In the same time, men who do not skip workouts have felt better and stronger orgasms and improved sexual function.


A good bedroom session can actually make you burn some calories there. Not to mention that swapping different positions will make different muscles of your body work. Thus, it is a great toning workout for your whole body. In my personal opinion, the muscles that benefit most are the core muscles. They must stay engaged throughout the whole time to ensure synchronization between the partners. Some also say that strong core muscles contribute to better and more orgasms in women. I have also heard that sex helps get rid of the cellulite but I have not made a thorough research about this, so maybe you can do it and share your knowledge below.

In general, exercising, especially strength exercising, helps to build up your self-esteem, to sleep better, to release stress, to give more confidence, therefore, raising your sexual libido. This is why, I keep on advocating regular exercising not just as means for simple weight loss. Exercising can have many positive benefits for different aspects of your life. And, what is better than improving your sexual life?!

Give yourself and your couple a great gift – a beneficial and exciting workout + fit advice for both of you!

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