Have you been training for a while but seem to not achieve the results that you want? Have you tried many programs and diets that seem to not be having the promised effect or the effect is only short lasting? Would you rather have someone to guide you through? Then this program might be something for you:

The 8-week Shape Up Online Program is made to tailer the approach towards YOUR body and YOUR fitness goals. Everyone has a different body type, different metabolism and you need to find what works for you. With weekly guidance and coaching, finding the right approach for you is much easier than filtering all the information online and trying everyhing for a couple of weeks or months just to find out that you are still not there where you want to be. Sounds familiar? includes:

  • 8-week training program tailored to your goals
  • 2x meal plans and a food list with substitutions
  • 1x 30 min kick-off session
  • 7x weekly 15min follow ups
  • Alongside adjustments
  • Urgent questions support 24/7!!

This program is for you if :
– you have basic exercise knowledge
– you want to explore your physical potential
– physical transformation is something you have been longing for
– you do not feel “quite there yet” and you want to feel ON TOP

Interested to know more? Leave your questions below and I will contact you ASAP with details about everything you want to know: