Holidays are coming? No worries. You've got it all under control

Let’s be honest with ourselves… How many of us overindulge food and drinks during the winter holidays and end up with regrets shortly after 1 January? Or if not with regrets, certainly without a feeling for being in the best shape ever? I am going to be completely honest and admit – I Do !

What I want to tell you now though is not to stop eating or drinking…. The holidays are for that – To Enjoy! What I do want to share with you is how to enjoy your holidays even more without any bad feelings about yourselves after that.

The tips I am going to share with you below will help you, first of all, as a reminder how to drink smartly. Almost everyone takes a little bit…or more…alcohol in this time of the year. And this is normal. Do not feel bad about it. However, some evenings with more alcohol than what we are used to, can spoil the day after because you will probably have a headache and a slight grumpy mood. This is why I want to share with you these tips or “reminders” how to drink smartly, enjoy your evening and feel awesome the day after!

The other part of my tips concerns how to bring your stomach environment back to normal right away with some very easy steps and recipes.

You have got it all under YOUR control. It is easy and simple. Just fill in the form to stay energetic and to keep your digestive track happy!