For International Women's Day, celebrate your body

Do you wish to have a perfectly balanced lifestyle? A lifestyle without restrictive dieting and having the body that you want in the same time? Do you want to have days full of energy ? Do you want to feel empowered and proud of yourself ? Give yourself this treat for International Women’s Day. YOU are an amazing woman and you deserve to FEEL it every day.

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I have learned a big deal in my life about achieving your fitness goals from a try-and-error as well as from scientific point of view. Here are some of the most important take-aways I want to share with you in order to make your succes easier:

  1. Your Body is Unique
    Exercise videos and programs you find online are great but they fail in one thing: to recognize your uniqueness. Everyone’s body is different and unique and reacts differently on food and movement. You need to feel great and comfortable in what you are doing in order to have success. Listen to your own body and know what is best for it.
  2. Goal Setting
    Making a clear goal is more difficult than people realize. Why? Just simply ‘losing weight’ is a vague goal that you will never know if you have truly achieved. And, therefore, it is a difficult one to stick to and keep you motivated. Having a clear goal in mind and knowing how exactly do you want to feel like when you achieve it, is basic to feeling successful and confident.
  3. Accountability Buddy
    Accountability buddy is a TOP motivation factor for success. In fact, having an accountability buddy doubles your performance, and therefore, the likeliness of your success. An accountability buddy can be your best friend, your gym friend, your couple or your trainer. If you have never had a buddy, I recommend you to find one as soon as possible! It makes things so much more fun
  4. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
    Having a plan is critical to achievement. Just picking any video that says “get tighter butt” is not always the most successful strategy to getting a tighter butt. (I give this example because I went this road already myself!) Having a plan, means knowing when to train, which muscles to involve, exercise rotation, long-term planning, knowing when to rest and how to recover from exercise. A plan includes the food that you are eating. To summarize, a plan includes the three aspects of the fitness triangle for success you need to pay attention to : training program, rest and sleep needs and quality food.

Therefore, for International Women’s Day  (why not make it a whole week??), make sure you get it all right and have the results you have always wanted to achieve. Only for this week you can get:

– Personalized training program
– Personalized meal plan
– 1-on-1 session with me about YOU, YOU and YOU.  
– 8x weekly follow up sessions to make sure you are being on track 
– accountability buddy (me!)
– urgent questions support 

This for 169 euro
(230 euro, saves 61 euro)

The offer is valid thoroughout the whole week 7-13 March so that maximum women can get the chance to feel empowered, energetic and light . During this journey of 8-weeks it is going to be all about you – your feelings, your needs, your preferences. Remove cravings, feel confident and empowered in your body.