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Krasimir Kehayov

“Thanks to the program I am now on track to compete at a decent level in a competitive and tough field at the age of 30 after 8 years off the sport and with 4 months of training.”

Teodora C.

“The program Lora created for me is tailored to my lifestyle and my goals and this is the success factor for me.”

How to never feel low back pain (again!)

Have you ever happened to feel this pain in the area of the lower back? Well you are not alone. One thing is for sure: whether it is a constant dull feeling or a sharp sudden pain, it is not okay. In fact, this is pretty common and if you felt it only once, you […]

For International Women’s Day, celebrate your body

Do you wish to have a perfectly balanced lifestyle? A lifestyle without restrictive dieting and having the body that you want in the same time? Do you want to have days full of energy ? Do you want to feel empowered and proud of yourself ? Give yourself this treat for International Women’s Day. YOU […]