7 Ways to Avoid Holiday Hangover

The festive season is knocking on our doors. Everyone already knows that the effort they have been putting in the gym, in eating healthy or in keeping a strict diet, will be interrupted. We allow ourselves some more food, some more sugar but most often….some more alcohol. Especially, if you are not used to drinking alcohol on a regular basis, it is very easy to get yourself a hangover accompanied by a bad mood and a serious lack of energy. Therefore, I want to remind you about these tips you can do to avoid this unpleasant result and enjoy your holidays to the fullest…

7 Ways to Avoid Holiday Hangover

1. Do not show unprepared. Drinking on an empty stomach is not the best thing you can do for yourself. And, no, the calories from the alcohol do not count as nutrition. The empty stomach will only help the alcohol get absorbed faster. Have a good meal with the necessary carbs but also fibre and some good fats that will stay in the stomach through the night. Eat your meal an hour or two before you start drinking so that you give time to the nutrients to get absorbed.

2. Drink plenty of water. Alcohol leads to dehydration – something you might be quite aware of. This means you need to be drinking plenty of water throughout the night. For every glass of wine, for instance, drink one glass of water. This will certainly have influence on how you wake up the next morning.

3. Go for light (in colour) drinks. The choice of alcohol you make is also important. Light-coloured drinks cause less hangover than darker drinks. That’s why you can pick the vodka over the whiskey and the white wine over thered one.

4. Bubbles are no fun the morning after. I know it is champagne time but try to avoid the bubbly drinks. This is including any kind of carbonated beverages and mixtures.

The morning after…

5. Take Vitamins. Alcohol depletes the body of essential Vitamins, especially Vitamin B. Therefore, take a Multivitamin or a B-complex with your breakfast the morning after.

6. Breakfast is your refuel. Sometimes maybeyou will not be feeling like having breakfast after a night with alcohol but it is essential to do so. Your blood sugar level has certainly dropped down so boost it with a cup of orange juice or just a whole grapefruit. Combine it with scrambled eggs with a lot of veggies because of their antioxidants and tataaam… you’ve got everything you need!

7. Exercise!!! This is maybe the last thing you feel like doing in this moment but you will love the result after you do it. Moving will just make you feel so much better, like you haven’t been out at all the night before. You do not need to a lot of cardio (alcohol has already been absorbed so you cannot really “sweat it out). What will happen during exercise is that you will increase the oxygen intake in the blood. Moreover, endorphins are released while working out and this will certainly boost your mood! If you can combine this with an outdoor activity or just a walk, the oxygen will help even further the break down of the toxins.

Enjoy your holidays. Have fun. Do it the smart way!