30 Day Challenge

Are you feeling stuck in your fitness progress?
Are you just not being able to make yourself follow that program till the end?
Do you want to stop the vicious circle of the “yo-yo” effect?

Sign up for a free information session and see if the 30 Day BODY TRANSFORMERS Challenge is something for you

What do we do in the 30 Day Challenge:

  • Mindset – build the foundations towards a fundamental change. Every house starts with building strong foundations first.
  • Clear action steps – Planning is the key to success, especially when it comes to training and nutrition.
  • Physical change – start seeing results from week 2 of the program
  • Get on the straight line – know precisely what to do on the way to your big goal

This program is for you if you need a starting push towards your real body transformation OR if you feel stuck and want to get out of the circle and on the next level.
This program is NOT for you if embedding healthy lifestyle is not a goal you are aiming for.

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